He’s A Lesbian

Sklarbro Country #165September 20, 2013

NFL legend and all around awesome guy Terrell Owens makes his first visit to the calming shores on this week’s extra special Sklarbro Country! After some quality takes, Terrell joins Randy & Jason to break down his career in the NFL, talk about what it’s like to play in the Super Bowl and deal with a potentially career-threatening injury. After a discussion on the rise of concussions in football and the funniest players in the league, Terrell shares some personal stories and sticks around for some Quick Hits. Later on in the show, Jerry Jones joins in on the fun via a very secure phone line to talk all things TO and Lady GooGoo. Citizens of Los Angeles — Sklarbro Country will be a part of the LA Podcast Festival on October 5th! Go to http://lapodfest.com for tickets.

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