Cat Matters

with Michael Showalter

CAT MATTERS is a weekly podcast hosted by writer/comedian Michael Showalter where listeners are invited to call-in to talk about the most important subject in the world: their cats.

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Please send any questions or comments that you have about or of your cat, someone else's cat, or cats in general to our email address, or ask your question in the form below! Also, send us a photo too! We'd love to add your cat photo to our "Wall of Cat Photos" page!

We'd love to hear your voice! If you'd like to leave us a voice message with a cat-related question or comment that we can air on the show please call and leave us a message at 864-674-PURR (864-674-7877).

We will be taping live and taking calls on November 9th from 2:30 to 3:30 PM Pacific Time, please call in and ask us a question or tell us a great story about your cat! What do you love about your cat? What is your cat like? Why is your cat unique? How did you and your cat meet? Anything you want!

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November 09, 2013
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM PST
Call 347-514-WOLF to ask Michael Showalter your kitty questions, he'll answer them on the podcast!
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